Deep Inner Healing Services

Catherine Harris has been trained and certificated as a Deep Healing Counselor through Dr. Charles Kraft and Deep Healing Ministries. She has been doing this for 13 years and has seen many men and women set free and completely healed from past wounds, abuses, and pain.

Some definitions of Deep-Level or Inner Healing are:

  • A form of Christian counseling and prayer, which focuses the healing power of the Holy Spirit on certain types of emotional and spiritual problems.
  • Inner healing is the healing of the inner person: the mind, the emotions, the painful memories. It is the process through prayer whereby we are set free from resentment, rejection, self-pity, depression, guilt, fear, sorrow, hatred, inferiority, condemnation, worthlessness, etc.
  • Part of this process is deliverance, which is the ministry of dealing authentically with the demonic activity in a person’s life. Our belief is that to gain total freedom in Christ, one must deal with the hurts of the past and the demonic influence that is often tied to it. This is accomplished in a calm, safe environment without hype, while always keeping the person’s dignity intact.

So it is really a ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit aimed at bringing healing to the whole person.  Since the majority of human ailments are closely tied to damage in the emotional and spiritual areas, inner healing focuses there.


It seeks to bring the power of Christ to bear on the roots from which such damage springs.  Since these are often in the memories carried unconsciously by those who come for help, inner healing involves a special focus on what is sometimes called “the healing of the memories”.  Specific problems often encountered are unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, rejection, low self-esteem, fear, worry, sexual issues and the like.